Safe and secure purchase of Used Cars

There is a large second hand car market along with new automobiles made every day. Many people prefer to buy a good used auto for various reasons. First one is obviously budgetary restraints. People may not be able to afford a new one when the money is tight. Secondly, it may be a good idea to have a good used one as a starter car.  Thirdly, people do not like the fact that new cars lose their value real fast. In a year it could easily lose thirty percent of its value. This economic approach is adopted by many motorists.

Services and Guarantees Provided by Dealers: Quite a few second hand dealers service the automobiles they sell first and offer all sorts of guarantees with them. This is coupled with buying the vehicle from a reputable dealer will offer a little peace of mind.  Quite a few small dealers can offer such guarantees by providing buyers with nationally recognised mechanical breakdown insurance as well. For example, if the vehicle has serious mechanical issues in the next six months the insurance pay for the repairs. Looking for such guarantees especially when you are buying from a deal is a very good idea. This will discourage rouge dealers from covering up the problems a vehicle may have. They are quite skilful in that.

Then, many people purchase automobiles from other owners directly. In such cases there is not much information as to the honesty of the owner at all. Furthermore, they are unlikely to provide a dependable guarantee as well. Still, people can safely buy cars from owners directly. This in fact reduces the costs substantially and the sellers can get better prices for them.

Vehicle History Reports: The good solution for these purchases is to get widely available vehicle history reports (like Carfax). People cannot gather such information by themselves easily. Considering these reports are fairly reasonably priced this would be the best course of action. Besides, some of the reports come with guarantees. For example Carfax has a buy back guarantee if they miss a defect on the vehicle during their searches and fail to report it.

Some of these reports may be only covering the title, ownership and service details and they can be really cheap to buy that there is no reason not to have. Quite a few providers offer extensive search on the vehicle in question. It may be necessary to buy separate reports to cover all angles.

Those detailed reports would tell if the vehicle has been involved in accident, suffered serious flood damage or even written off in the past. Furthermore, they will provide information about repairs done to them and services carried out. Another area covered is the possible part recalls issued by the manufacturer and if this problem has already been fixed.

Mechanical Inspection: The last course of action is to get the car inspected by a mechanic. A physical inspection will reveal any obvious problems. However, a detailed inspection by a reputable mechanic (particularly the main dealer services) can be real expensive. It is best to get a price quote before the work starts.

These reports are highly important when you are insuring a vehicle especially the one that has been fixed following an accident. Some people buy salvage cars and get them fixed for themselves. In the same way, some garages can buy them, repair and sell. When they are valuable autos in the first place it makes sense to invest money on them. These vehicles may need to be inspected by the insurer before cover can be confirmed.

Furthermore, it is the obligation of the policyholder to make all the facts known to the companies when they are insuring a vehicle. It is best to discuss the position clearly if you buy a vehicle that has been involved in an accident or suffered other damages. Companies like to make sure that these repairs are done properly and the car does not have any defects that can cause an accident.


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