Old car Insurance

If your car is already a veteran of a thousand battles, surely you have seen them difficult trying to find an insurance that covers the risks involved in securing an old model.
Fortunately there are some insurance companies that if they provide benefits to these models, although it is clear that these policies will not be as complete as for cars less than 12 years old.

Conditions to buy insurance for old models

1. The owner of the car must be over 25 years of age
2. The vehicle will always have to be of particular use and never commercial while it is insured
3. The car must be aged not less than 12 years and not more than 20 years
As you see the requirements are nothing of the other world, but of course is lacking a very important point which is the payment of the premium.

Insurance benefits for older models

As I said earlier, the charities will not be entirely equal to recent model car insurance, but what they offer us is quite reasonable.
1. Emergency assistance en route for misplaced location
2. Trailer of the insured vehicle towards the company workshop
3. Repair on site for minor breakdowns
4. Shipping Parts
5. Legal assistance for some mishap
While they are not the best benefits, we must understand that insurers do not want to lose money and know that cars of older models are more likely to collide or suffer a loss and therefore the benefits are reduced.

What does the insurance cover?

1. Property damage
2. Material damages of third parties involved in the incident
3. Theft or theft of the vehicle
4. Unauthorized use of your car
5. Damage from natural phenomena, including earthquakes, hail, landslides and even damage caused by strikes
Of course this should be consulted with the sales advisor who has provided your car insurance for older models, as it will be up to 75% maximum of repair costs and property damage.
As a recommendation, do not forget to read the small letters of the policy contract, and do not withdraw from the insurer until you are clear in the claim process.


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