It is a auto insurance

To start talking about the car insurance, we must first know their origin, their concept and its use, the purpose of this is to know how to take advantage of much more of this service in the future.

What’s a safe car?

Insurance is a contract to cover the risks they face while driving a car, for which there is a basic insurance type mandatory for all owners, which is the responsibility of the dream of the car, which is also known as civil liability.

In this responsibility, the landlord has the right to a legal defense and legal in the event that has been responsible for the accident, as well as the protection of the carriage and compensation if it was a third party that caused it.

In addition to this, there is civil liability as a volunteer, in which, charged all the policies that are with a value of more compensation to which is a basic car insurance, which covers:

*safe for occupants who were inside the carriage.

* Insurance for damages that are their own.

* Insurance for the moons of the carriage.

* Insurance for the life of the driver in question, which is not included within the basic compulsory life insurance.

* Insurance for travel (travel support)

Why is a car insurance necessary?

Because this insurance allows, in the event of an accident, the victims are compensated financially for the damage and injuries. These contracts make it protect its heritage and allows, in case of not having secured car accident, can count with another type of assistance related to the carriage, in order to have a safe means of transport.

Now, what is a car insurance without coverage or shelter, is a confusing and totally limited: the coverages allow you to take care of the vehicle and third parties who are inside the carriage, there are several types of coverage:

Coverage related to the civil liability: This coverage protects third parties within the car, the protection services for theft and damage are not included here.

A limited coverage: Protects the third parties within the car damage and injury that the vehicle could cause and protects the cart for theft.

A wide coverage: Protects the third party that went inside the car, protects the car theft, damage to the driver and other goods.

There are optional coverages related to roadside assistance that are optional, it is important to note that all of these coverages have the legal defense of your area, and, depending on the policy, they can also cover other incidents such as fire.

These services are for you and your family to walk to where you want to convey with your car, because in the event that something terrible happens, is going to count with the assistance of the insurer at all times and in which many times, the company will respond with a partial amount of the compensation.


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