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When talking about auto insurance quotes, it may be worth pointing out how ridiculous it is for car insurance shoppers to use the phrase “free auto insurance quotes” on search engines when looking for insurance quotes. First of all, in this age, it is rather silly for insurance companies to ask for a fee for giving price quotes for the insurance plans they offer. Second, through the Internet, insurance quotes can even be automatically generated by websites without having to discuss anything with insurance agents. Hence, it has to be emphasized that insurance quotes are generally free and car insurance buyers shouldn’t be worried that they will be charged for asking for an estimate of the insurance plan they would like to obtain.

Free auto insurance quotes serve as the equivalent term for ”price” used in the sale of common retail items. What’s different is that Free auto insurance quotes are tentative or simply approximated and may not be the actual price that will be charged. This setup came to how it has become now because of the way car insurance companies treat their customers. Insurers don’t treat customers fairly, though not in a way that they are illegally discriminating. Insurance plans are priced differently because they are based on the assessed risk an insurance holder could be bringing to the insurer. Different car owners have different levels of risks. To charge a uniform price on all of them can either make the company profit excessively or go bankrupt miserably once multiple major claims are filed by the insurance holders at the same time.

Free auto insurance quotes can be obtained in a number of ways. It can be through telephone inquiry, by visiting an insurance company’s office, or by going to the official website of an insurance company to have a Free auto insurance quotes generated. Telephone inquiries or office visits are preferable ways of getting an insurance quote. This is because assessments are better done by the insurance agents than by a computer or a website’s automated quote generating program. By having an actual conversation with an insurance agent, there will be clearer understanding on the terms and a direct risk assessment from the insurance company. On the other hand, visiting the official company website to have a Free auto insurance quote generated can be a more convenient option. This way of getting an insurance quote is easier but less accurate. In some cases, the quote may not be instantly generated. This happens when the assessment is done by an actual insurance agent and the quote only gets sent through email to the would-be insurance plan applicant.

One of the important things to remember about Free auto insurance quotes is its tentative or approximate nature. This means that the actual insurance cost may not necessarily be the same. Insurance quotes are based on the information volunteered by the customer. In some cases, changes may be made after the insurance company verifies some suspicious details supplied by the customer. Logically, an insurance company cannot blindly trust all the information a customer provides. Since there is risk assessment involved, the company needs to do some verification. For instance, they cannot simply provide standard insurance at regular rates to someone who uses his car in a place where car theft is rampant. They would have to make sure that they are not going to risk paying for the claims of a customer who has only paid just two months worth of premiums.

New buyers of insurance plans need to properly understand the nature of quotes and how they are important. Quotes are useful in making comparisons of the available insurance products. They may not be the same as the actual cost. More importantly, they are almost always given free of any charge so insurance buyers shouldn’t be ridiculously naïve to think they may have to spend for mere quotes.


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