Cheaper car insurance rates

Divers can get cheaper car insurance while at the same time contributing to a noble cause: the effort to save the land. It may sound paradoxical, but one of the main causes of global pollution, modern transport, is now learning to clean up its own mess.

The use of hybrid cars and alternative fuel is probably the most widely recognized green method to reduce the adverse impacts of modern transport to the environment. For this purpose, for some time the government has offered various incentives (for example, tax cuts) to those who use these new technologies.

Insurance providers also took the cause of the environment by offering discount auto insurance quotes for hybrid and electric car owners. According to the company and the state, rates may be up to 10% lower than regular premiums.

There are also insurance policies that charge depending on the car’s mileage and the pattern of use of the car. These policies even offer large cuts when the car is not used for long periods. Some companies even offer more economical rates by charging per mile. In this policy, the secured driver will only be charged for any extra mile recorded that exceeds the basic mileage.

More ways to make money green and save money

Keep trees, go without paper: when storing trees, more greenhouse gases (especially carbon dioxide) are produced that are removed from the atmosphere. Less greenhouse gas means less global warming, this is finally good for all living things.

So how does a vehicle insurance policy figure in saving trees? Well, with the insurance comes the paperwork, and with the paper come some trees felled. Most automobile insurers now offer considerable cutbacks for customers who opt for their paperless transactions.

Incentives start from the moment a customer enrolls in an automobile insurance policy; There are price cuts for those who register online. In addition to this, some companies offer up to 5% of the regular premiums less if the customer chooses to receive their invoices by email rather than by mail.

The discounts continue not only when you receive the invoice, drivers can also get it when you pay your premiums. For example, some companies charge less when insured choose to pay through their savings account or through online payments.

Examples of companies that provide discounts for paperless transactions include Progressive, Allstate, Auto-owners Insurance, 21st Century and Nationwide.

Use of bicycles more often: even for short distances, people get on their cars. Vehicles burn more gasoline in these short start-and-finish trips that cover miles on the roads. Especially when it’s nice weather, getting on bikes is healthy for the body and the environment.

Another option is to have a motorcycle instead of a car. Buying a motorcycle is not only cheaper than buying a car, it also costs less to secure it. As with any other vehicle, the actual insurance quote will ultimately depend on the bike or scooter model, but in general they are cheaper than automobile premiums.

Motorcycles also have a lighter carbon footprint compared to automobiles; They’re more fuel efficient than cars. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, bicycles average around 44 miles per gallon, while automobiles can only travel 23 miles per gallon.

The use of fossil fuels has wreaked havoc on the environment. All motor vehicle users should therefore contribute ways to reduce these adverse impacts. With cheaper car insurance rates to sweeten the effort, drivers have another incentive to become green.


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