Car insurance without deductible

Since from the moment we leave the house on board our car we are in constant danger, it is best to be prepared against any type of inconvenience that can be presented, for it the only option is to buy an automobile insurance without deductible.

With this insurance you will have many benefits in case of collisions or theft, for example if you arrive to have a sinister in which your vehicle is left totally or partially destroyed, your insurance would cover the expenses of repair or of replacement of vehicle, besides this you Provide a spare car for a period of 45 days in which the repair or replacement case is resolved.

Also, your insurance without deductible will absorb the costs of repairing damages to third parties even if you have been guilty of causing the claim, this provided you have not been driving under effects of alcohol or some type of drug that has not been indicated by a medic or certificate.

This type of insurance also protects your car against theft or misuse without your prior authorization, in case of theft of sound equipment will only be replaced if it is a detachable cover radius and you have retained the cover to later deliver it to the Insurance.

Benefits of your insurance without deductible

Among the most important benefits are:
1. Replacement car for up to 45 days.
2. Taxi service SOS, if you have been stranded somewhere, you must call your insurer and they will send you a taxi at no cost (6 services per year)
3. Mechanical review of your car before you go on a trip, (No limit per year)
4. Maximum delivery of 5 litres of fuel in case of running out of petrol on any route.
5. Free towing to the insurer’s workshop in case of an accident.

Requirements to obtain insurance without deductible

The requirements to buy this type of insurance are few.
1. Owning a vehicle with no more than 12 years old
2. Be of age
3. The motor vehicle must be exclusively used while the policy is in force
4. Premium Payment


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